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Suppliers of: DC Power Supplies, AC Power Supplies, Bench Power Supplies, Computer Supplies, Desktop Supplies, Multi Output Supplies, High Voltage Supplies, Switching Supplies, Linear Supplies, Plug Transformers, DC/DC Converters, AC Stablizers, Industrial Power Supplies, Transformers, Variable Benchtop Supplies, Plug Supplies, Desktop Power Supplies, Wall Plug Supplies
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Benchtop Power Supplies Benchtop Power Supplies
PowerSupplyDepot offers a wide selection of supplies suitable for both industrial, educational and hobby use. Choose from a wide selection of Bench Top supplies with fixed single or multiple outputs or combinations with variable outputs.
Switching / Linear Power Supplies
[ 3.3 Volt Power Supply ] [ 15 Volt Power Supply ] [ 36 Volt Power Supply ]
[ 5 Volt Power Supply ] [ 18 Volt Power Supply ] [ 48 Volt Power Supply ]
[ 7.5 Volt Power Supply ] [ 19 Volt Power Supply ] [ Misc. Voltage Supply ]
[ 9 Volt Power Supply ] [ 24 Volt Power Supply ] [ Multiple Output Supply ]
[ 12 Volt Power Supply ] [ 28 Volt Power Supply ]  
We offer a wide range of high quality Regulated Linear and Switching power supplies for industrial and commercial use. This section is broken down based on output voltages as noted.
Switching / Linear Power Supplies
Hengfu Switching Power Supplies Hengfu Switching Power Supplies
This line of Power Supplies is designed for industrial applications. Have Single Output, UL Approved, Switching Type Supplies with an enclosed metal housing. These Supplies are organized by their output wattage.

International Linear Power Supplies
PowerSupplyDepot offers and stock a broad selection of the most popular models and can supply the complete line of International Power linear supplies at competitive prices. Browse the specifications in this category to select the power supply you require.
International Power Mfg.
Meanwell Power Supplies Meanwell Switching Power Supplies
PowerSupplyDepot stocks a wide range of high reliability Meanwell power supplies. These supplies are designed for industrial, OEM, as well as general replacement uses.

Computer Power Supplies
Why pay more for your supplies? We stock a variety of Computer Power Supplies for replacement as well as OEM uses. Various wattage models are available for ATX desktop and tower cases.
Computer Power Supplies
Desktop Power Supplies Adapter Power Supplies
PowerSupplyDepot has a wide-ranging selection of popular and convenient adapter supplies. These regulated, high efficiency supplies are available in single and multiple outputs. A variety of output terminations are offered.
Plug In Power Supplies
Select from our wide variety of Plug In Supplies (also known as Plug Supplies, Wall Warts) for general use. Available with either AC or DC outputs in many voltage and current configurations. These supplies have several different type output terminations.
Plug Transformers
AC Stabilizers AC Stabilizers
Shop our variety of AC line voltage Stabilizers. Units range 500 Watts thru 2000 Watts. Bench top units feature: 110VAC and 220VAC Nominal inputs with outputs of 120 & 220VAC +- 4%.
DC/DC Conterters
Enclosed units for 24VDC to 12VDC down conversion for automotive and marine uses. Step up or step down modular types including Full & "Brick" 100 & 200W units for industrial use.
DC/DC Conterters
Transformers Transformers
PowerSupplyDepot stocks a wide variety of transformers with single, multiple or tapped secondary windings with 110/220 primaries, for industrial, educational or hobby use. Also available are enclosed, bench top, metered, auto transformers with 110 inputs. These units have built in Line Cord and three prong outlets.
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